Rafe Martin

Teacher Picture


Title Sensei
Organization Endless Path Zendo
Lineage Kapleau
Address 56 Brighton Street
City Rochester
State/Province NY
Country USA
Zip 14607
Email rafem@aol.com
Phone 585 442-2826


Rafe Martin, teacher at Endless Path Zendo, began formal Zen practice in 1970. A disciple of Philip Kapleau, after Kapleau Roshi's retirement he practiced for a time with Robert Aitken Roshi. In 2002 Rafe began working with Danan Henry Roshi, founding teacher of the Zen Center of Denver, a Kapleau Dharma Heir and a Diamond Sangha teacher. Rafe received full lay ordination in 2009, inka (recognition of completion of the Diamond Sangha koan curriculum) and permission to teach in 2012, and Dharma transmission, becoming an Heir of Danan Roshi in 2016. An award-winning author and storyteller with an emphasis on mythic traditions, he is dedicated to presenting Zen in a lay, non- residential, non-institutional setting. www.endlesspathzendo.org


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