Martine Palmiter

Teacher Picture


Title Sensei
Organization One Heart Sangha
Lineage White Plum Asanga


Martine TaiKai Palmiter is the dharma successor of Rose Mary Myoan Dougherty and Bob Jin Gen Ertman, and is one of the Guiding Teachers of One Heart Sangha, in the lineage of the White Plum Asanga, transmitted on September 7, 2019. She also teaches with Morning Star Zendo, with Roshi Robert Kennedy. Empowered to teach and to transmit the dharma, she is grateful to her root teacher Rose Mary whose teachings of strong sitting (“Just This!”), and compassion and gentleness stay with her always. Retired from Human Resources management, she was also a former massage therapist and business owner. These days she enjoys her two young granddaughters and living and working with her partner Vic who inspires her in all aspects of life and love. She leads a women's dharma study group, Zen retreats and study, and is a bike ride leader, swimmer, gardener and cook. She appreciates life and practices joy.


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