Martine Taikai Palmiter

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Title Sensei
Organization One Heart Sangha/Silver Spring Zendo
Lineage White Plum Asanga


Sensei Martine Taikai Palmiter, dharma heir of Bob Jin Gen Ertman and Rose Mary Myoan Dougherty, she started her zen training with Rose Mary in 2003, until her passing in 2019. Martine has a lifelong love of yoga, writing, and working in her garden. She is currently working in the field of Human Resources in areas of management and conflict. She hosts the Tea Ladies, a dharma study group and sangha in Rockville, Maryland for those who identify as women, working with The Hidden Lamp: Stories from Twenty-five Centuries of Awakened Women. She is exploring embodiment in our practice through exploring gender, race, color, ableness, food, age, stories.


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