Larry Fuho Trussell

Organization Zen Community of Oregon


Larry Fuho Trussell began zen practice in LA and San Diego in 1976 with Maezumi Roshi, Genpo Merzel and Joko Beck. He studied briefly with Rosan Yoshida in St. Louis, and since 2001 has been a student of Chozen and Hogen Bays in Portland. In 2009, Larry completed Sanghakai training, a 3-year program for lay zen students designed to cultivate different aspects of Sangha service, and in 2011 was made a Dharma Holder by Chozen and Hogen Bays. He leads workshops and sesshin, and offers private Dharma practice interviews and regular public Dharma talks at the Heart of Wisdom Zen Temple in Portland. Professionally, Larry is a neuroscientist, specializing in how the brain hears. He is married with one grown child.


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