Mushin Abby Terris

Organization Corvallis Zen Circle - Sangha Jewel Templs
Lineage White Plum
Phone 541 754-4124


Abby Mushin Terris is a lay Zen teacher in western Oregon. She has been practicing Zen for forty years and has led the Corvallis Zen Circle since its establishment in 1992. This group has grown to be a thriving center of Zen effort and realization in the mid-Willamette Valley. It is affiliated with the Zen Community of Oregon, Great Vow Zen Monastery, and Heart of Wisdom Zen Temple.

Mushin began her formal study of Zen with Robert Aitken, and then continued with Jan Chozen Bays. Chozen Roshi named Mushin a Dharma Holder in 2002. The Corvallis Zen Circle offers a full practice schedule which includes daily sitting, service, classes, days of mindfulness and short retreats. They are currently establishing a larger Dharma Hall so that they can accommodate the growing numbers who seek this mysterious and wonderful way of life.

Mushin is a psychotherapist and mother of two girls.



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