Leland Shields

Teacher Picture


Title Apprentice Teacher
Organization Three Treasures Sangha of the Pacific Northwest
Lineage Diamond Sangha


LEE SHIELDS was given permission to teach by Jack Duffy Rōshi in 2012 followed by independent teaching status in the Diamond Sangha lineage recognized in a formal Transmission Ceremony in November of 2021. Lee began practicing in a monastic setting during the early 1970s, sitting with several Zen teachers. In 1988, he joined Three Treasures Sangha and began studying with Joan Rieck. Jack Duffy became his teacher in 1992. As a lay practitioner, Lee balances marriage, family, and work, previously as an engineering consultant and now as a psychotherapist. Of importance to him is the interface of traditional Zen training with the daily, mundane, and extraordinary experiences of life.


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